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Lunan Bay

Voted Scotland's most beautiful beach in 2010.

The sand dune system to the north and south of the Lunan water consists of mobile dunes backed by an established links area. In the northern section there is thick mantle of Marram Grass. Inland of the mobile dunes the habitat changes into a shorter dune pasture area.

The dune habitat also supports a number of invertebrate species, including grasshoppers, earwigs, many species of beetle, butterflies and moths. Cliff headlands bound Lunan Bay and fossil cliffs run along the back of the raised beach ranging from 250m-50m landward of the High Water Mark. The southern upper raised beach (15m OD) sits on the fossil cliffs and consists of rough pasture.

An extensive area of inter-tidal sand flats runs virtually uninterrupted for 3.5 km of Lunan Bay. There are also areas of estuarine Mud/ Sand Flats, Saltmarsh and Wet Grassland.


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